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Natural timber joinery manufacturers for Canterbury, Christchurch, Central Otago, Queenstown, Wanaka & Cromwell. Specialists in custom-made solid timber joinery, inc doors, windows. double-hung sash windows, internal doors, wooden stairs & balustrades etc for restaurants and bar fit-outs, commercial premises, new homes & home renovations etc.


Timber Doors

We manufacture both interior and exterior solid timber doors in a variety of both modern and traditional styles, all of which can all be custom-made to your requirements using high-quality timber that will last you a lifetime.

French doors:

French doors are the most traditional door style where the doors can open inwards or outwards to match your situation.

Sliding doors:

Sliding doors allow the maximum amount of light into a room without taking up any of your living or work space.
They can be made to measure in either two, three or four panel designs and also be made as stacker-doors, again to make use of limited space etc.

Bi-fold Doors:

Bi-fold doors are perfect for opening up your inside living space to an outdoor garden or entertaining area.
They can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit your home or commercial areas.

Front entrance doors:

A solid timber door entrance door can really make statement about your property and set the tone for the rest of the building.
Again we can custom-make various styles such as colonial or heritage etc as well as providing you with a contemporary design to suit your situation.

Timber Stairs & Balustrades

Timber stairs and balustrades can make a wonderful addition to the design or access to your home or commercial premises with tough, practical materials that will stand the test of time.

We have a number of timber varieties for you to choose from and they can all be finished with a clear lacquer or oil to protect and bring out the natural beauty of the timber you choose.

And of course we’ll be happy to work with your ideas to create a unique and stylish solution for your staircase and/or balustrade that’s designed to match your vision.

Timber Windows

Whether you are building or renovating, we can provide you with a wide range of solid timber-framed windows, including both traditional and contemporary styles, all custom-made to perfectly match your requirements - and of course you budget

Solid Timber Windows

Whether you are building or renovating, we can provide you with a wide range of solid timber framed windows including both traditional and contemporary styles, all custom-made to perfectly match your requirements

Casement Windows:

This is a timeless classic look that is often seen in traditional villas and heritage homes etc.
The advantage of traditional casement windows is that they are hinged on the side which allows them to open up just like a door for maximum air flow while still controlling drafts.

Double-Hung Windows:

Nowadays, the double hung window design can be used for either the traditional style home or in more contemporary situations. The smooth operation of double hung windows allows each of the sashes to move independently for ventilation etc and for easy cleaning.

Sliding Windows

A simple Sliding Window is perfect for areas where you don’t want the windows to protrude onto decks and walkways etc or where children will be playing or moving around.

They are also easy to operate and take up the minimum amount of space. But no matter what style of window you need, our team can work closely with you produce the style and design that will suit you and your home or commercial premises.

Double glazing & sealing options

All of our solid timber windows can be built to feature double glazing to remove condensation and provide you with a warm comfortable environment, while cutting outside traffic noise etc.And because there are many different styles of glazing and sealing, we’ll be happy to offer you our advice as to the most suitable option for your project.